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Manual Therapy

Cryo Georgetown


Did you recently get injured, or have you been in pain for years? Maybe you have been to multiple healthcare practitioners without results...or perhaps you think that surgery is your only option, but it’s an option you don’t want to take. Maybe you have less than a week before an important competition, and think there is no way you’ll be able to perform. Whatever the case, many people feel they don’t have an acceptable option for ending their suffering so they either live with the pain, start a lengthy therapy program with another practitioner, or have unnecessary surgery which can lead to further complications.

The physical therapists at North Star Manual Therapy provide treatment options many never thought possible. If you think your pain or injury will always be a problem for you, let us prove you wrong. In life, pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional. Call now to set up your initial evaluation and treatment, and you’ll quickly understand why. And remember...



What Should I Expect On My First Visit?

We are excited to answer your questions and give you as much information to help you feel as comfortable as possible prior, during, and after your consultation and treatment.


Click here for the new patient paperwork forms that you can complete and bring along to your first appointment.


Our fantastic staff will show you around the office and will prepare you for your initial examination as well as answer any initial questions you may have.


We will provide you with a personalized treatment plan that will include any necessary exercises, fascial restoration therapy (FRM), therapeutic exercise, movement therapy, and future treatments.

What Our Patients Say…

I have been involved with sports for over 16 years and my treatment at North Star has been a totally unique experience. They are on the cutting edge of hands-on therapy…unlike anywhere I have been before. I highly recommend it.

Todd H. Three-time U.S. Olympian

If you ever need a testimonial, you got one here. I have never had any type of pain or problems after visiting you guys post-broken scapula. It was a painful experience, not a massage at all, but the fascia is back in place and I am back in the gym and participating in cycling and volleyball. Thanks again!

Dwayne J. Austin TX

I have been coming to see Brent for ten years and am a true believer in their work. They have been successful in treating many types of my injuries from acute knee, should and back issues and ankle problems…they are the only guys who have gotten me back to playing on the court the way I want to.

Chris M. Professional Basketball Player