Cryotherapy have been a blessing for me. I have been reaping the benefits for cryotherapy for almost two years. I used to drive to Austin for my Cryo treatment but am thankful to have found Cryo Georgetown!  I've been enjoying the benefits of five days a week for seven months now!

I am 58 years he hung with an S. I will being is what motivates me. I have no symptoms of MS when doing the cryotherapy. Overworking and extreme heat are the only triggers my MS these days. And if it's for me are:

No it formation, do not lose my balance, metabolism has returned to my college days, sleep well, more energy, and weight longer fluctuates.

I am sure there are many more benefits. I do my best to eat organic it is been two years and if I had an MRI. I received a great report encourage to continue on with whatever I was doing because the MS has not progressed. I recommend cryotherapy to anyone with arthritis, autoimmune illness, slow metabolism, athletic, sore, MS, or recovering from surgery.

I have therapy is my alternative to medication. If you need information please do the research. The benefits will amaze you! Pulling you can make your health a of health to you...


My name is Lana R. and you saw my daughter, Ryley in your Austin office the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. (I also believe your wife and I share the same first name!) To refresh your memory, we were told that Ryley had achilles tendonitis in both ankles and about the only thing she could do was ice and rest, and it could take as long as 3 months to get back to basketball playing condition.
After just one visit with you, she not only was able to walk without pain, the swelling went down almost immediately, she was able to wear her shoes again, and she played in her game the following week - a total shock! I can't tell you how surprised (and happy!) her coach was when she told him she would be able to practice and play with the team. On your recommendation, we bought new basketball shoes that give her more support and stability and she is continuing her therapy at home with the "foam rollers". After the season, we'll get her with a trainer and work on strengthening her hips.
Ryley wanted to make sure I let you know how much she appreciates your help. If we hadn't come to see you, she would've missed her entire sophomore basketball season. You've given one 16 year old girl the best gift of the season!

We assure you that we will happily spread the word about the wonderful work you're doing!
Thanks so much and have a wonderful Christmas!

Ryan and Lana R.

I have been involved with sports for over 16 years and my treatment at North Star has been a totally unique experience. They are on the cutting edge of hands-on therapy…unlike anywhere I have been before. I highly recommend it.

Todd H. Three-time U.S. Olympian

I am a 53 year old male…and was involved in a very serious automobile accident in April 2003. I was unable to walk without shuffling my feet and my neck and left shoulder were in constant pain. Being an avid golfer, I felt that my golfing days were over...By miracle, I heard of a young man in the Austin area who did specialize in so-called fixes for the types of injuries I had sustained and without surgery, I could be able to function in a normal way again…After six months of sustained treatments, I was playing golf again and my knee, shoulder, and neck have never been better. No it is not voodoo, it is a way of life...I can attest that the treatment methods that Brent uses are very valid and I am grateful that Brent came into my life when he did.

John G. San Antonio TX

I just wanted to see if you have heard at all how well Heath has been doing? WOW! He has been flying to the top!! He got a special Ball 2 games ago showing he hit 1500 pts--at that game we also made over 100 pts for the first time ever at our gym and Heath scored 41 pts, 15 rebounds, 4 blocks, 2 steals and 2 assists and he also Dunked for the first time in a game!!! Needless to say mom here was crying by the end of the game---was just a little too much for me!!! Was so much fun!! We beat the team by at least 60 pts.

My whole reason for telling you all this is---we have YOU to thank for all this!!!!! We would not be where we are today if it weren't for you. Thank you so much for helping us out. We owe you everything!!

DeMar H. Lampasas TX

If you ever need a testimonial, you got one here. I have never had any type of pain or problems after visiting you guys post-broken scapula. It was a painful experience, not a massage at all, but the fascia is back in place and I am back in the gym and participating in cycling and volleyball. Thanks again!

Dwayne J. Austin TX

I know you’re busy but I wanted to let you know that I am 100% and have been training full speed with no problems at all. Wanted to thank you for working on me while I was home and I will come by in July. Thanks again.

Steve S. Air Force Academy

Our entire family has been “seeing” therapists at North Star for a number of years. Ashlee has only missed one match in three years. Not only did Brent keep Ashlee healthy through 4 years of high school volleyball and basketball, but every trip home required a visit to see Brent for a “tune up”. Ashlee would have never stayed as “healthy as she has and been able to move forward with her collegiate career had we not found North Star to work their magic on her ankles, knees, shoulders and back. Brent has also treated the remainder of the family for a variety of ailments from minor elbow pain to severe back and headache pain. We are so thrilled to have had the opportunity to become associated with Brent and his practice and have recommended him and his therapists to numerous friends, family and associates to the wonder of Myofascial therapy.

Todd R. Round Rock TX

Brent and Jeff,
Thanks for all you have done for Barrett. You made a difference in his life and sports activity and we refer you always!

Betty H. Austin, TX

After both basketball practice and soccer practice last night, Allie was pain free! As we told you, she had been suffering with it for weeks. Thank you!
Off to school she went today proudly wearing her bright pink North Star Manual Therapy t-shirt!


The Stones Lake Travis TX

I have been coming to see Brent for ten years and am a true believer in their work. They have been successful in treating many types of my injuries from acute knee, should and back issues and ankle problems…they are the only guys who have gotten me back to playing on the court the way I want to.

Chris M. Professional Basketball Player

It is hard to believe what Brent can do for you when you are hurting. He is amazing! We have made so many trips to Georgetown (about 200 miles one way) that our car knows its way by itself! Each trip has made a difference and been very beneficial. I recommend Brent to anyone who has an injury. Thanks for keeping me in the game!

Lindsay K. Wall TX

My hamstring is feeling great – NO PAIN – just minimal soreness. I am playing the closest to 100% as I have since I left college.

Luke B. US Marine Corp
North Carolina

Thanks for all of the great work –

J.L. PGA Tour Professional

Our whole family are patients of Brent. He worked on many of my daughter’s injuries to keep her on the court instead of on the bench in high school and in college. He worked on shoulder injuries with my son, who swam high school and college. He has helped me with knee and sciatica pain. He is truly amazing and we recommend him to anyone.

Karen K. Georgetown TX