“New expanded forms of cold therapy can be very helpful for folks who have debilitating pain and inflammation. I think it’s a sensible thing to try if you’re having a lot of pain.”
Dr. Oz, Dr. Oz Show

“The cryochamber meets the needs of the professional athletes that I work with by enabling them to train at a higher level of intensity, recover faster, and reduce down time due to injury. It is hands down the best recovery product on the market.”
Tom Shaw, ESPN Wide World of Sports Facility. Orlando FL, World leader in athlete speed development.

“With an ice bath you’re cold for hours… with this you’re warmed back up in a couple of minutes and ready to go.”
Dathan Ritzenhein, Marathon Runner, Nike Oregon Project

“The cryochamber helped me recover from injury to have one of the best seasons of my career. I train hard and I haven’t found anything else that can help me recover as quickly as the cryochamber.”
Tyson Gay, current American record holder in the 100M.

“Regeneration occurs most efficiently when individuals have a structured plan that includes nutrition, sleep, stretching, and inflammation control.”
Dr. Anthony Lyssy

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