How is North Star different than other P.T.s?

What you can expect at North Star Manual Therapy

If you’ve been directed to our clinic or website by someone who has received our Manual Therapy treatments, they may have used the endearing term "Witch Doctors" or "Voo-doo Doctors." Of course this isn’t the case. At North Star Manual Therapy, we are Licensed Physical Therapists who specialize in rare and extremely effective Manual Therapy techniques. The above-mentioned names have stuck over the years because we achieved results that many patients never thought possible through Physical Therapy. Whether it is resolving chronic back pain that multiple other practitioners could not affect, or fixing a serious muscle strain or ankle sprain in a few hours of treatment, our results are extraordinary.

At North Star, we believe Physical Therapy should be based on a whole-body approach with every patient. We understand that compensations for a dysfunction in one area of the body can be the underlying cause of pain or injury somewhere else. In other words, the true cause of your pain may be in a completely different area than where you are experiencing pain. Once we have evaluated how the entire body moves and functions, we can identify the cause of a patient’s symptoms. We then create individualized treatment programs directed at correcting the cause of the symptoms, rather than just the symptoms themselves. Our Manual Therapy techniques focus primarily on soft tissue manipulation to realign the fascial and soft tissue distortions that occur with nearly every known musculoskeletal injury or syndrome. We are also highly trained in other areas of Manual Therapy like Joint Manipulation, CranioSacral Therapy, and Visceral Manipulation.

Unlike other Physical Therapy clinics, we do not use modalities such as E-stim and Ultrasound, nor do we use Physical Therapy Assistants or technicians to provide any patient care. At North Star, our patients receive hour-long Manual Therapy treatments directly from their Physical Therapist. In most other clinics, PT or otherwise, getting even 20-30 minutes of one-on-one time with your Therapist is a rarity.

There is a rapidly growing amount of Physical Therapists and other healthcare practitioners learning and using "Manual Therapy," but not all techniques are created equal. The application of knowledge and techniques, and overall educational training, can also vary widely from one Physical Therapist or healthcare provider to the next. With this being the case, it is ever more important to seek out a Physical Therapist with valid credentials and a solid reputation. With over 28 years of combined experience, each Physical Therapist at North Star is highly qualified and credentialed. We also place a substantial emphasis on continual learning and improvement of our skills with extensive continuing education courses.

The bottom line is we are passionate about getting results for our patients in the fewest possible visits. Our patients are not just a chart number at North Star Manual Therapy – they are people with real stories, real results and often become our close friends. It is quite common for patients to fly in from out of state and even out of the country to receive our unique and highly effective treatments. See our Testimonials page for just a few of our patients’ comments.

So, no matter what your story, a painful condition that other healthcare providers have been unable to resolve - an athlete, or have children who are athletes, who can’t afford to miss a competition – maybe your morning workouts and weekend golf rounds are becoming tougher and more painful – or, you are simply proactive about your health, and how you are moving and functioning in daily life - come experience the personalized care and rapid results of North Star Manual Therapy. Call today for an appointment or click on the Contact page to send us a note.